Alizah's R34 | Switching Things Up

As automotive enthusiasts we occasionally get lost in the game, never satisfied and always looking for something fresh, a change.

Vehicles come and go, wheels on and off and it's all too easy for us to switch things up once we get bored, but what about switching up the entire car?

Alizah wasn't born into an automotive family, she says that "it wasn't until I bought a Skyline that I got involved in the car scene". The crazy thing is, the R34 is her first car, with Alizah telling us that "the first time I saw one when I was younger, I knew I had to get one".

The Millennium Jade, BNR34 conversion that you see today literally happened overnight. "I've owned this car for close to eight years, and reckoned it was time for a change", Alizah told us when we shot the near-finished product the other week.

The car used to sit as a white coupe, on pink wheels, but with the services of Blackout Garage, Alizah's car was transformed into the beautiful GTR-inspired R34 you see on this blog.

Millennium Jade is one of the world's greatest OEM colour options, Alizah didn't have many inspirations or influences when putting the car together, but she "just loved the look of a Millennium Jade Skyline".

Something that we preach at the workshop to not only staff, but prospective customers, is to do what you really want, even if that means saving up a little longer, rather than compromising and getting a subpar result.

Alizah actually had this dilemma when deciding to make her transformation, "I originally wanted the GTR-conversion, but couldn't afford it at the time and went for a cheaper option". It would've been easy for Alizah to have called it quits halfway-done, and resprayed the standard R34 panels, but luckily for everyone she decided to play the patient game.


"I waited and waited, and then two days before the car was due to go in I decided to move forward with what I originally wanted", she remembers as the car went into Blackout Garage just as the Work GT5s arrived from Japan. The end result (barring the hood, we'll fix that for her soon) made the additional wait and expense well worth it.

At the latest Carbon & Caffeine, the car was a head turner for all attendees, and it has made waves across multiple social platforms. Not that this is important to Alizah, "I had plans for the car but didn't do anything for eight years, I'm super happy with the end result... it came out better than expected!".

It's easy to forget that having owned the car for close to a decade, Alizah actually purchased this as a rookie driver. The car is currently N/A, but she's got big plans for the future, "I'm keen for more power now, probably an engine swap or build soon".

Whichever direction Alizah decides to head moving forward performance-wise (imagine an RB25 ITB set-up... one can dream!), she's got our full support to make there is the go to complement the show!