When we spoke to John, we learnt that his Evo 8 MR is one of his dream cars! Life goals check!
His other dream car was an R34, but ever since owning his Evo, he's had a new found love for the car. Growing up watching Fast and Furious really inspired him to be involved in the car scene. This is just the beginning for him.
Who are you, and what do you drive?
My name is John, and I drive a 2004 Mitsubishi Evolution 8-MR.

How did you get into cars? Tell us your early inspirations and how the passion that you have today was formed. Feel free to reference cars you admire, friends and family that steered you along the way, games and movie franchises!

I got into cars like most of you, watching the Fast & Furious franchise. Although, a big part of it would be from 2 Fast 2 Furious in particular. Seeing Brian in his iconic Nissan Skyline R34 inspired me. He didn't really have it for long in the movie but it left a lasting impression. Funny enough he ended up with an Mitsubishi Evo, which is the car I currently own now. 

How did we end up with the vehicle that we’re shooting today?

I first owned a Toyota Supra but always had my eyes on a few other JDM cars that I wanted to own & experience. This was the next one in line for me and I've loved it ever since.

What is the favourite part about your car right now? It can be cosmetic, performance, an experience, or even a memory that you want to share here.

My favourite part right now would be my bonnet, It's not like your average looking Carbon one. I decided to do something a little different with the look of the vents & love the way it stands out. 

Do you have any future plans or a particular thing/modification you want to do with it in the future?

Some of my future plans with this car is to either have a built motor to push more power & enjoy it at events such as Roll-Racing, or potentially add a few widebody parts to match the aggressive look the car already has now. We will see how I go. 

What is the one piece of advice you’d give to someone who is starting their modification journey for the first time?

Keep this in mind, don’t just do modifications for the sake of it or because someone told you what they like. It's your car, so you should create the car that you have been visualising in your mind. At the end of the day, you are the one who's going to be sitting behind that wheel aren't you?.

Quickfire Questions 
Dream 3 Car Garage?

Veilside RX-7
R34 GT-R
Evo 8-MR
Favourite Fast & Furious Character?
You can only spend money on EITHER looks or performance, which one will you choose and why?

This ones a tough one, I would choose Performance. Nothing can explain the thrill from a pull of a big powered car, especially catching people off guard who underestimate how much power it puts down.

First Mod on a New Car

The first modification I would choose would be an exhaust. I was never the person to enjoy driving their car without hearing all sorts of amazing sounds from it. I know most of you can relate to what I'm talking about.