Matt has always had a history of cars in his family, growing up around muscle and race cars; he even started working on them when he was very young. It's not a surprise that he would now own such a beast - his red and black themed A45 AMG, with a touch of carbon fibre accents!


Who are you, and what do you drive?

My name is Matt, and I drive a Mercedes A45 AMG!


How did you get into cars? Tell us your early inspirations and how the passion that you have today was formed. Feel free to reference cars you admire, friends and family that steered you along the way, games and movie franchises! 

For me. I was born into cars with my family owning a good variety of muscle/race cars. It was always very interesting to me, and so I started working on them at a early age; to this day, I still do.

How did we end up with the vehicle that we’re shooting today? 

It was actually quite a funny situation, I was set and looking at EVO's, then stumbled upon the A45 AMG; a completely different style of car, but I fell in love with it immediately. I actually never liked red either, but it grew on me overtime and I eventually loved the black and red theme.

What is the favourite part about your car right now? It can be cosmetic, performance, an experience, or even a memory that you want to share here. 

At the moment, it's the carbon accents and parts, as well as the performance aspect. I feel as though they are the two features of my car that really stand out and "make it."

Do you have any future plans or a particular thing/modification you want to do with it in the future? 

Yes! I have big plans for exterior to be completely different, and I am planning to get a big turbo with NOS!

What is the one piece of advice you’d give to someone who is starting their modification journey for the first time? 

Honestly, you do you! Whatever makes you happy, go for it and don't listen to others.

Quickfire Questions


Dream 3 Car Garage?

Nissan R34

Nissan R35

Mercedes A45 AMG


 Favourite Fast & Furious Character 

Paul Walker


 You can only spend money on EITHER looks or performance, which one will you choose and why? 

Performance! It gives the thrills.


 First Mod on a New 

Honestly would have to be wheels!