Speaking to Tony about his Supra had us find out that all of his cousins had Supras from a young age, and they would all cruise together, breaking necks as they drove past pedestrians. Because of that. Tony made it his goal to own a fully built Supra by the age of 18; the car we are able to admire today.
So the first question, who are you, and what do you drive?
My name is Tony, I am the owner of 2jzi1a, and I drive a 1994 Mark 4 Toyota Supra!

How did you get into cars? Tell us your early inspirations and how the passion that you have today was formed. Feel free to reference cars you admire, friends and family that steered you along the way, games and movie franchises!


I've always loved cars, I used to watch Fast and Furious, and I just found an adrenaline rush in it! My old man had the ability to drive anything with a motor, so naturally, I fell in love with anything that has a motor. My cousins all owned Supras, and we used to play a game of 'who can get to a location the fastest'. It made us all feel like we were in a movie, all of us cruising behind each other, people waving and saying nice cars, and just the fact of having one driveway filled with stanced out highly modified cars.. was just jaw dropping to me.



How did we end up with the vehicle that we’re shooting today?


Well it all started at a wedding when I saw all the cars lined up at the front, and I went to take a peek through a Mk4 Supra's window. My old man pulled me back and said, "don’t touch the car you can’t afford". I remember looking back at him, promising him that by the age of 18, I would have a completely built Mk4 Supra, and from that day on, my hunt started for a Mk4 Supra. I ended finding one not too far away, but it was in horrible condition. You could say it was just the shell, everything else was either not working or damaged. I knew that didn’t matter though, because I had the skills, equipment, friends and the passion to bring my dream to life.



What is the favourite part about your car right now? It can be cosmetic, performance, an experience, or even a memory that you want to share here.


My favourite part of the car would probably have to be the rear end, and my favourite memory would have to be driving it down Bondi strip while the sun was setting and people taking videos of it!



Do you have any future plans or a particular thing/modification you want to do with it in the future?


The plan is to push 1500hp, after I completely finish with the cosmetic side of things.



What is the one piece of advice you’d give to someone who is starting their modification journey for the first time?


There will be a lot of things that are going to kill your will to finish the build, such as hate, financial situations, people's disbelief in you and your project.
But, if you are determined to finish your build and see your dream come to life, I promise you, you will know it was all worth it. Just keep building and pushing through it all, and you will not regret it in the end!



Quickfire Questions


Dream 3 Car Garage

Mk4 Toyota Supra, R32 Nissan Skyline, 1968 Dodge Charger 


 Favourite Fast & Furious Character

Paul Walker


You can only spend money on EITHER looks or performance, which one will you choose and why?

I would probably have to say power, because who doesn’t love the rush of going fast?


First Mod on a New Car

Body kit and fresh paint!