When we spoke to Kelvin, we came to find out that he's had an impressive history when it comes to ownership of JDM Legends; RX7, S Chassis and Evo. His all time favourite (R35), was the car that he test drove in 2010, said he would own one one day, and now he is building it to his specifications. Like, what a dream!

Who are you, and what do you drive?

My name is Kelvin and I drive a 2008 Nissan GTR

How did you get into cars? Tell us your early inspirations and how the passion that you have today was formed. Feel free to reference cars you admire, friends and family that steered you along the way, games and movie franchises!

I got into cars at an early age as my father was also into cars. My father was a very hands on man, fixing and servicing his own cars and I was always there to try to help him, instead he got me holding the flashlight most of the time. As I was growing up in high school, my friends were also into cars as we grew up in the sexspec era. Everyone is thinking I’m going to say that Fast & The Furious was my favourite movie franchise but during high school, I was watching Best Motoring Japan and my idol car is still the Mine’s Nissan Skyline R34 GTR. 

How did we end up with the vehicle that we’re shooting today?

I previously owned a few JDM cars like the Mazda RX-7, Nissan S chassis, Mitsubishi Evolution(which I still own one) but my all time favourite car while getting older is the Nissan GTR. I drove one back in 2010 when the GTR was still fairly new and it blew my mind how well it drove. I knew one day I would love to own one and here I am now.

What is the favourite part about your car right now? It can be cosmetic, performance, an experience, or even a memory that you want to share here.

My Favourite part about my car right now is the Top Secret Front Bar. I think it gives my car a more modern and aggressive appearance.

Do you have any future plans or a particular thing/modification you want to do with it in the future?

Never ends when building a car. It really can be a long journey, but I will be getting a rebuilt engine and transmission in the near future to go faster down the quarter mile. My P.B so far is a 9.7 @ 142mph but I really want to get into the 8 second bracket.

What is the one piece of advice you’d give to someone who is starting their modification journey for the first time?

My advice is do it once, do it right. The saying “A poor man pays twice” is so true. I have been there and done that in my younger years. Save up your money and do your research. Listen to the right people who will give you the proper advice.


Quickfire Questions


Dream 3 Car Garage?

Lamborghini Huracan Twin Turbo, Mercedes Benz E63S AMG, Nissan GTR

 Favourite Fast & Furious Character?


 You can only spend money on EITHER looks or performance, which one will you choose and why?

Performance, you can’t be looking good but you are getting beat by family wagons.

 First Mod on a New Car?

Suspension mods!