Bonarath's BNR34 | ENDGAME

The BNR34 GTR is often seen as the pinnacle of JDM's legacy. The ultimate statement of over-engineering, the perfect mix of analog and digital, and a personality to boot.

Bonarath - more commonly known through his business @endgamecollection - is the proud owner of this eye-catching Godzilla. The growth of the vehicle has mirrored that of his business.

"Endgame Collection began because people were asking about what I used to clean my car" Bonarath tells me. Enough interest pushed him to explore an importing business for car care products, and the growing interest for this niche industry has allowed him to build his brand. 

One of the world's most recognisable rear quarters...

It's great to see what a spark of inspiration can do to someone's life, as Bonarath wasn't a petrolhead until he had funds to buy his first car! First came a 2011 WRX, which was "great, and I caught the bug. I really wanted an R32 because of the RB26, but Paul Walker was the first mainstream actor to influence car culture and I was motivated by him".

Udoori from NextMod, and a prime Justin Fox both played large influences, especially as R34 GTRs were frequent prowlers on the road. It made sense for Bonarath to turn to the younger brother, "it just had so much presence. When I saw one, I just had to have one".

Such a menacing front end, no wonder so many GTT customers opt for our East Bear conversion kit, transforms the vibe!

The wrap is the standout feature on the car, but Bonarath bought his example in silver, as the first Australian owner too. The wrap came about as a great marketing tool he says, "it was close to WTAC and my business was taking off, so I wanted to do something different". The colour-shifting, Midnight Purple-esque layer completed by Killer Image sets the car apart, and these photos by Peter reveal different hues in changing light.

Colour-shifting wrap, the closest Bonarath can get before splashing $10 000 on paint alone for MNP3.

The car is currently undergoing a planned engine build with the aim of 700KW set by Bonarath for the boys at Dahtone Racing. For now though, the car is as close to aesthetic perfection as an R34 can be. SSRs fit between the arches, a welcome break from the flood of TE37s and CE28s on this chassis, while additions such as our higher leg stands and diffuser add to the aggressive stance of ENDGME.

End of the day however, there are no cosmetic bits and pieces that tie Bonarath down as his favourite part of GTR ownership. Rather, it is the driving experience:

"The freedom to take it out for a drive. It gives you a unique experience. The way it drives it's something else. Even for its ages the car performs so well and it's very impressive."

Subtle details that make a difference from afar, including these higher wing stands.

Bonarath's vehicle is the embodiment of his business, after all he began his adventure because of the feedback he was getting from followers. His personal joy and business are inseparable, so we quizzed him on his thoughts on running an automotive business, and he was straightforward with it.

"The GTR has helped a lot in terms of creating an audience. I am not sure if I would be able to if I got another car. But I know of many other companies are much more successful than I am and they don't own GTRs. I believe it just comes to how hard you want to work."

The most used vehicle of Gran Turismo?

It's refreshing to hear this from someone who is so influential in Sydney's industry, so many people forget about the product and business, and move straight into promotion and marketing. Without substance behind your brand, your ideas are doomed to have a short life. Bonarath keeps it simple for anybody looking to get in, "just have fun".

Godzilla's booty, a sight to behold.

Fun and doing proper research has taken Bonarath's side-project within striking distance of commercialisation at retail stores. Do it with the right intentions, a purpose that you believe in and you'll end up winning in the long run.