Bradden's STI - Brand Loyalty

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Bradden's STI - Brand Loyalty

The word loyalty doesn't really get attached to buying products on an everyday basis. Things are bought and sold for consumption purposes, but for a variety of reasons we build attachment to specific brands.

For Bradden, the love for Subarus began from an early age. The influence of the WRC was mega for a lot of youngsters in the late 90s and early 2000s, and the biggest name of them all was Colin McRae. "Colin McRae Rally on PS1 got me into the Six Stars," Bradden reminisces, "my first Subie experience was a 2010 Forester XT Premium".

With the wagon, it wasn't love at first sight with Subies for Bradden, "I didn't enjoy it at first, but then I saw the potential of the platform through Mighty Car Mods I saw just how capable it was". His wagon project is a subject for another time, but it plays a big role as to how a young man inspired by rally and track ended up with a stance project for his first big build.

"I am a sucker for a hot hatch, and I love the aggressive lines of the stock hatch" explains Bradden as we dissect his decision to go for the GRB platform. We definitely agree, the hatch silhouette is incredibly sexy, and only a few little details are needed to make it pop. The key is to buy the factory widebody though, which means the later WRXs or all STIs of that generation. For Bradden, his is the 2011 WRX STI Spec R.

But this doesn't answer the question, how did Bradden change his motivations from track/motorsport builds to the ultimate show and road car?

He has a simple explanation, "my Forester was on an Airlift Performance system, and it was easy to move them across to my new purchase, meaning the first thing the STI copped was suspension. If I went with coilovers I think it would be a very different outcome".

The Forester as his first car, he knew that it would be "an absolute nightmare around the track", so saving himself the grief of troubleshooting performance issues, he took it upon himself to build a clean wagon. As the air suspension was such a big financial investment, he transferred it across to the hatch and began the process all over again.

For the STI, Bradden believes that the car reflects his personality, "low key, somewhat flies under the radar and mean where it has to be". He's certainly done that, and put the details where it counts.

He joked that it should be a "legal requirement to sit fender to lip when aired out", and that's exactly what he's done. The car has an amazing stance, but it doesn't try too hard to snap necks. We appreciate this, sometimes being too loud screams poor taste and a lack of understanding for what someone really wants from their build, for themselves.

Bradden continues to drive this car on the regular, with enough detail to keep him pleased, but he admits all he wants to do is "cruise around without a care in the world". Cars needs to be driven, it's hard to see cars built specifically for show but can't even complete its primary purpose of transportation!

There are a lot of people Bradden would like to thank for helping him on this journey:

"Colin from DC Jap Automotive Local Shop I love popping into for Parts, advice or just a chit chat. Ken down at Teylormade Automotive just an all round amazing "small" business/workshop.

Garth from Kanzen Auto Detailing got my car looking like new after it lived its early life with someone that appeared to use steel wool to wash it. Endless Apparel, Run by a good mate Digger Smith backing the fight of childhood cancer and making it aware.

Thomas Delovski (@Tomknows) for helping mod the car from time to time and being there to help wherever and whenever. Forever thankful and appreciative of the above blokes for helping me get the car where it is today."

When we first spotted this car on our tagged posts (customers will cool rides, be sure to tag @carboneticsau on your Instagram posts!), we knew it had to get a photoshoot, and a blog feature. The photos from Peter at the petrol station look great, and it's fascinating to learn Bradden's Subaru story, and the key component that turned motorsport into street supremacy!



- Stock EJ257 tuned to 207KW and 420NM torque at the wheels
- Mishimoto Front Mount Intercooler Kit
- Mishimoto Radiator
- Process West Cold Air Intake
- Prospeed Racing Silicone Inlet
- Pierburg 3-Port Boost Solenoid
- Invidia Catless Turboback R400
- DW300c Fuel Pump
- Boosted Performance Parts Screamer Kit (GFB 38mm External Wastegate)

- Airlift Performance 3H
- Cusco Rear Upper Control Arms
- HardRace Rear Lower Control Arms
- HardRace Rear Toe Arms
- 19x10.5 + 12 SSR SP5's in the SBC Finish with 245/40 Achilles ATR Sport II

- Carbon Fibre D Shape Steering Wheel
- We Are Likewise Daytona Shift Knob
- Dead0n Infinity Rear View Mirror
- Sony Av-AX 5000 Head Unit
- Sony Door Speakers All Round
- NRG Harness Bar

- VS Style Carbon Fibre Rear Diffuser
- VS Style Spoiler with Carbon Fibre Mid Blade
- Spyder Taillights
- Elite Garage CS Style Side Skirt Extensions
- Elite Garage GT v2 Front Lip
- CT Auto Sequential C Light Headlights
- Carbonetics VS Carbon Fiber Hood

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