Bruce's S15 | The Beauty of the Build

Working in the automotive aesthetic space, what we really appreciate is how customers use our products to create their own artworks. Sure, the added benefit of a vehicle is that there is actually an inherent function, but cars that look good are a reflection of one's vision, experiences and creativity.

Bruce grew up in Malaysia, and was exposed to a different automotive scene in his early years. He remembers, "my dad would always tell me the names and types of cars we'd see in the streets, I fell in love with the Murcielago and Aventador".

He wasn't particularly into the whole YouTube scene, and instead when moving to Australia he engulfed himself with "magazines, articles and blogs. I followed RWB builds and Speedhunters, these were my inspirations".

A year out of high school and a hard 12-months of working, Bruce saved up enough and snagged himself a clean S15. His initial plans were to build a "track-focused car, minimum camber and sticky tires, keeping it simple". He laughs now, "what I have now is completely opposite".

He follows this up with a very eye-opening perspective, "in my opinion, if you have a pre-planned objective for the build, you won't let influential factors play a role in the end product, and I didn't want to be like that". Definitely a different take to what most enthusiasts would do, as we for the majority of the time have a vision for what it loos like completed.

Bruce's method of building is a lot more organic, and promotes the relationship between the car and the owner. We've said it before, more often than not, building to a vision is a double-edged sword.

On the one hand, it more-or-less ensures that you do it once, and you do it right, and you build to an appropriate budget because of the end goal. However, aside from Bruce's point about outside influences, it also means that builders are rarely content, and once a project is done, they don't spend the time to enjoy it.

Bruce didn't have any specific S15-inspirations, but rather a myriad of media and content to push his decision making. "Aside from the Murcielago, most of the time I would see things, think that it was cool and see if I could pull it off with my car".

We can already hear the naysayers whisper, "so many S15s look similar", and to them, we tell them that they're missing the point. The authenticity in a build isn't determined by how the car looks, it is ALWAYS about the owner.

Bruce used his upbringing and all that he consumes to create something that he can call his own. His car has a story, which is significantly more than what can be said about builds that rock different parts for the sake of being different.

It is fitting then, that Bruce shares how we feel when pressed for advice for builders looking to create their own, "take your time, it's not a race and most importantly, remember to build for yourself".

At Carbonetics, we value all customers, and truly appreciate those that see our products befitting of their creations. Don't ever let that kid inside of you lose that creativity!



- 250KW
- Garrett Turbo
- Head Studs
- Head Gasket
- Injectors
- Haltech ECU
- Walbro Fuel Pump
- Excedy Clutch
- Front Mount Intercooler
- Full Custom Exhaust

- BC Racing Coilovers
- Sway Bars
- All Suspension Arms
- Front Roll Center Correction Kit
- R33 GTS-T Calipers Front and Rear
- R33 GTR Front Rotor and Adaptors
- Work GT5-3P Wheels, 18x9 and 18x10


- Evo Recaro Seats on Carbonetics Rails
- JDM Wheel
- Boost Gauge
- AEM AFR Gauge

- Aero Front Bar
- STI Lip
- Custom Front Splitter
- 78 Works V2 Headlights
- DX Bonnet
- Vertex Side Skirts
- Custom Extensions
- Vertex Rear Bar
- GT Wing Gurney Flap