David's Evolution | Aesthetic Representation

Evos and GTRs are our most popular customers, makes sense because Carbonetics was built through the ownership of these vehicles and the need for cosmetic enhancements that weren't readily available at the beginning of the last decade.

Sedans don't usually have the best side profile, but Evos...


For many, both of these models represent the pinnacle of what JDM had to offer. They have been, and continue to be the "realistic" dream cars for so many enthusiasts, particularly those born in the 1990s.

David Vu is one of these enthusiasts, "I began with an EK Civic and then fell in love with boost through my 6MPS, but I knew all along that these were just temporary flings until I got my hands on an Evo".

The fitment of David's new CEs though...

Working as a waterproofer in construction, David acquired this Evo just over a year ago through his friend, and his love for the car is simple. During our conversations it becomes clear that the mutual admiration for the aggressive lines is a big factor for any Evo owner.

Nonetheless, dreams are ever-evolving, and particularly for JDM enthusiasts the dream is rarely owning a stock vehicle. We rarely have pictures of the OEM vehicle up on the walls, more often than not the vehicles that adorn our walls are posters from magazines like Performance Imports, HOT4s, FastFours, Modified and Super Street.

When colour-coded, the hood doesn't stick out and looks "relatively" OEM.

We're the cosmetic specialists for Evos, and having encountered hundreds of customers building their CT9As, we appreciate the stealth-yet-engrossing appearance that David has pieced together.

The front bar and the fenders are wider than stock, while the VT bonnet supplied retains some semblance to the OEM vented hood. No GT wing here, with the stock spoiler retained in combination with VII tails, and a VT diffuser.

The wider front fender, moulded lip and splitter is so intimidating...

To tie the front and back together David recently purchased our VS side skirts, with the chunky sides making a BIG difference to the side profile of what is already an aggressive silhouette. The 17" Regamasters that came with the car have been replaced with 18" CE28s, and David intends on completing the widebody for the rear in the future.

Look good, feel good is a mantra we definitely preach, but it's important to note that while aesthetics are important, it shouldn't be the only factor as to why you own a particular vehicle. For David, it's evident because despite all of his exterior additions during his short ownership, the dream of owning an Evo isn't just about the poster aesthetics, but what that look represents.

Another great set by our content chief, @fmzvisuals.

"I just love the car as a whole but if I were to choose, probably the sound and driving experience of it" he told us of his favourite element of the Evo. Not the aesthetics, which is has spent most of his hard-earned income on, but the actual application of the vehicle.

Upon purchasing the car, David was satisfied with the performance, (over 300KW at the wheels is nothing to sniff at), which is why he concentrated on the cosmetic areas of the car.

Loving the caliper colour!

The poster on his wall as a child might not have the same modifications or build philosophy as the car in his possession now, but it represented an energy, the visual representation of his dream. So although David will always lean on the experience over the appearance, putting together the exterior allows him to tie the dream, and his reality together.

There are often two camps when it comes to exterior modifications for performance vehicles. You have the Race Inspired Cosmetic Enhancement (RICE) group, who do not modify the performance but make it appear so on the outside. On the flip-side, you have hardcore performance guys who could not be bothered modifying the exterior at all, as there is "no purpose".

More power in the future, but the car is complete for now.

We can relate to both arguments, but for many young children growing up, the appearance may be all that they know until they can experience performance firsthand. Once we're in a position to invest in our builds properly, the cosmetic can sometimes serve as the bridge between our childhood, and the fulfilment of that dream as an adult.



- Built 2.0L 85.5mm Manley Pistons
- Manley H Beam Rods
- New Bearings
- ACL Race ARP2000 Main Studs
- OEM Oil Pump
- Nitto Head Gasket
- ARPCA625 Head Studs
- Kiggly HLA Walbro 450 Fuel Pump
- Bosch 1000cc Injectors
- JDMotorsport Denso COP Kit
- Tomei 270 Cams
- Kelford Beehive Springs and Retainers and Spring Seats
- GT Pumps 712 Turbo
- Tomei Billet Piston Oil Cap
- 3BAR Ralliart Radiator Cap
- Ralliart Fuel Cap
- Invidia 3-Inch Dump Pipe
- 3-Inch Custom Front Pipe
- 3-Inch Fujitsubo Exhaust
Tuned by Adam @ JEM (Just Engine Management) Pushing 301KW @ 26 PSI
- MCA Blue Series Coilovers
- Cusco Front Power Brace
- Cusco Front Strut Brace
- Elig Brake Pads
- HEL Braided Brake Lines
Rays CE28 Club Racer II 18 x 9.5 +22 265/35/R18 Kuhmo Ecsta
EVO 8 MR Carbon Dash Trims
- Likewise Shift Knob
- Rexspeed Carbon E-Brake Lever
- Sony XAV-AX1000 Double Din Apple CarPlay Head Unit
- Kenwood Single Channel Amp
- Kenwood 10” Subwoofer
- Sony Speakers All Around
Genuine 7 GTA Headlights
- Genuine 7 Tail Lights
- Genuine Blue Tint Carbon Ganadors
- Genuine APR EVL-R Front Fenders
- Genuine APR EVL-R Front Bar
- Genuine APR Dry Carbon Front Splitter
- Genuine Evo 9 Rear Bar
VT Rear Diffuser
- BLOX Stubby Antenna