Looks blueish here, always colour shifting depending on how light hits the surface...

The name Kyle Phan is synonymous with the Sydney automotive scene. For the past half-decade he has been omnipresent at all events, shows and activations. Now deep into a career in automotive with Leading Edge Detailing, Kyle began his car career with us here at Carbonetics, so we had time to chat about his journey.

Give the readers a quick little intro about yourself.

My name is Kyle Phan.  I drive a 1997 Nissan 180SX Type X and a 1996 Toyota Chaser JZX100. I am a full-time detailer at Leading Edge Detailing.

How and why did you get into the automotive community?

When I was a kid i started collecting Hot Wheels or anything car-related models (die cast, RC, etc..) and my love for cars grew then.

I still remember first time watching Tokyo Drift and I saw all the JDM cars especially the RX-7 FD, fell in love with it and end up getting 3 RX-7s!

My biggest motivation was the Speedhunters blog, I was on it literally everyday back then reading how people all around the world modify their cars and their car culture.

This was the build that put Kyle firmly on the Sydney scene's frontline.

Definitely. A lot of enthusiasts today have been influenced by internet culture and the growth of blogs like Speedhunters. So if you've been so invested into RX-7s, and built so many vehicles, what made you decide to build a 180SX?

My 180SX was built on the same philosophy and approach as my infamous RX-7. A sleek coupe, going widebody with stance and an outstanding MNP3 paint job to bring it all to life.

We custom fitted an S15 Diffuser to his RPS13.

The entire car looks amazing not only in photos, but in the flesh, particularly when it is under the sun. What was the most difficult part of getting this build to come together?

That would 100% be the bodywork and the paint. Just in terms of an investment piece, getting the paint with the genuine wide fenders is a big cost, but the correct MNP3 is incredibly hard to find, because there are multiple variations, and different batches lead to different finishes. At $1000 per litre of paint, a pretty expensive R&D exercise but the finish makes it well worth it.

Definitely an RPS13 away from the norm...

If we're correct, the build actually coincided with a big life event of yours?

Glad you asked! The original goal for this car was to actually build it for my wedding in 2019. I wanted to take it step by step and get it up and running in time for the wedding, and we got so close! Unfortunately due to an electrical problem, and the logistics of it all we weren't able to place it at the venue, but it was a special project for me.

So the exterior is complete, what's next for this build?

For the 180SX, what I will do next is invest a bit more time in the interior/engine bay. Might chase for more power down the road however I’m happy with the current power she makes (316KW). 

Different angles, different lighting... chameleon!

Complete the package and make it the most outstanding 180SX on the streets! Who would you like to thank thus far?

I would like to thanks Streamline Motor Body Works, Autotechnik, Garage 88, Leading Edge Car Detailing, Corporal Industries, Just Dip It Hydrographics, Carbonetics, FE Motorsports and Westside Mechanics and especially my friends and family that support me through this journey.

We've been following @kylephan for the past 3-4 years as he's gone through multiple builds. DAYUM is the principle, and he always delivers. We're glad that we've been part of his automotive journey and wish him all the best for the future!

Spec Sheet

- Garrett GT3071r (External gate) with screamer
- 3.5’ Dump and front pipe
- Sleeved 3’ cat and cat back with dual blast pipes
- Drop in Pon Cams
- Rocket Stopper
- Yaris Coilpack
- 980CC Top Feed Injectors
- Tarks Fuel Rails
- Turbosmart FPR1200 fuel pressure regulator
- Oil filter relocation kit
- Tomei oil cap
- Tomei coil pack cover
- Pod filter with enclosed box
- Lightweight pulley kit
- Koyorad radiator.
- Nismo radiator cap
- S14 Gearbox
- Exedy heavy duty clutch
- Power FC ECU with hand controller 
- Eboost 2 boost controller
- Innovate wideband AFR gauge
- Blackvue DR650 2 channel dash cam (front + rear)
- Remote start immobiliser.

- Genuine Deep Corn Nardi 
- Genuine Bride Zeta 3 Glitter Back
- Powerails 
- Shift performance titanium gear knob extension
- Nismo gearknob
- Racing harness
- No rear seats

- R32 GTR Sumimoto front calibers
- R32 GTST rear calipers
- R33 diff with solid bushes
- BM57 brake master cylinder
- Front Cusco strut brace
- Fully adjustable coilovers
- 3 piece SSR MS3
- Hankook tires
- ABS delete with full braided lines

- Genuine Type X plastic side skirts
- Genuine Type X rear pods and rear valences
- Genuine Type X wing
- Koguchi Power fenders (F+R)
- Origin lab Type 3 Carbon bonnet
- Hot road style front bar
- Dmax roof wing
- Origin Lab carbon front and side canards
- Custom carbon number plate holder
- Carbon headlight cover
Carbonetics Carbon Rear Diffuser
- Window tint and seal all around
- Nissan rear carbon garnish
- 2 Stage Paint correction and Kenzo Ceramic coated by Leading Edge Detailing