Dillon's Evo VII | Motivated and Passionate

Dillon's car saw MASSIVE transformation in 2020. Where he began and where he ended, the car remained recognisable but there were significant additions and enhancements along the way. It's a bit like seeing an old friend before COVID looking like he hadn't recovered from Christmas 2019, to seeing him this past summer looking all shredded. Or the other way round...

Where did this motivation to build come from? He keeps it simple, "I just want to beat the new-age Euro boys". He says this in a half-joking way, but deep down you can feel the determination inside him to build something he is proud of.

Dillon's car wasn't the only thing that transformed last year, so did the prices of everything JDM. He managed to snag this VII as a relatively stock example at the end of 2019 for super cheap, and despite the amount of financial resource piled into the car over the past twelve months, he'd probably be able to sell above break-even point.

Not that he wants to do that anytime soon, "I first saw an Evo at an EOM meet out at Eastern Creek in 2014". Dillon remembers seeing so many Evos that he enamoured with the idea of owning one, with the CT9A chassis the one that "always stood out to me as the one to have".

It's one thing to own a car, but how you build and modify is always a reflection of your upbringing, the influences and surroundings you found yourself in. For Dillon, it was family.

"Dad was and continues to be a big influence for me for everything automotive," he states with pride, "we always used to go to Bathurst and Oran Park to watch the V8 Supercars. I loved it then, and love it even more now".

If you have to take away one thing from the world of V8 Supercars, it's the sense of power, brute force and the hellish highs of machinery, something that Dillon has tried to emulate with his Evo build. All the bolt-ons have been completed, the car makes 250KW but he wants more... "I'd love to get the motor built, and go even bigger".

We laugh about how the majority of V8 owners wouldn't understand how to turn a corner, but people often forget that a series like V8 Supercars is all about mechanical grip, low downforce but high cornering speeds. Which is maybe why, despite all his talk about power and boost, Dillon's favourite aspect of his car is still the cornering.

"It literally handles on rails," he exclaims while we all nod our heads in agreement, "there is nothing quite like it". Evos might not be the best handling vehicle, but it can't be argued that the level of safety, confidence and stability it provides to any driver is unmatched, close to thirty years after the Evo I was first released.

We've been fortunate to be part of his journey aesthetically, the hood is a stand out item but Dillon never planned any of this to happen. Hopefully we're able to assist him with the big wing and an updated front end this year!

One thing that we take away from any conversation or interaction with Dillon is his zest and enthusiasm. It's a go-and-get-it attitude that freshens up your day, and his love for cars and in particularly his ride is unbridled.

If we had to start 2021 with a goal, it would definitely be to surround ourselves with people like Dillon. Get with the passionate, driven people and you'll get so much more happiness out what you already have, and what you will achieve in the future!



  • Greddy Boost Controller
  • Air/ Fuel Ratio Gauge
  • Tomei Poncams 270
  • Bosch 1000cc Injectors
  • Walbro 460 Fuel Pump
  • Evo 8MR Turbo
  • 3-Inch Turbo Back Exhaust
  • CES Exhaust Manifold
  • Tomei Exhaust Heat Shield
  • Apexi Air Filter
  • Dyno Tuned by TME Motorsport, 245KW


  • Enkei AME Tracers 18x9.5+22
  • Michelin Pilot Sport 4 Tyres 245/40/R18
  • MCA Pro Comfort Coilovers