Elias' Evo | Enjoy the Moment

"I'll own a GTR, one day" is how Elias summed up his decision to purchase his Evo. For so many JDM enthusiasts, all vehicles are but a path to the big daddy of the Japanese Golden Era.

Godzilla, the be all and end all, other vehicles a stepping stone to stay in the scene while they save up over years to secure a Skyline. It's maybe something that doesn't work so well for the scene today, particularly in relation to today's society being particularly short-term in goal setting and impulsive in moving forward and progressing.

However, even if that is the ultimate endgame for Elias, he's focused solely on the present, "I've owned this for three years, and what I've learnt is not to rush things, be patient and make the right choices". We press him on his modifications and how he aspired to build it when he first took possession, and the answer was the same.

"In the beginning all I wanted to do was freshen it up and track it if I wanted, which is where I'm at today," he said when we asked about his early goals, "yes there is always something more to do but right now the car is great, it's a street car with a power band that works for the track".

Much like Dillon earlier this year, Elias is a driver, not just the type of person that builds, parks it hard and tells everybody what his car has for parts or the power it runs. The enjoyment of the car comes from actually experiencing the vehicle as its heart and brains.

Evolution owners can vouch for this, all of us here at the shop with Evo experience agree with what Elias says about his favourite aspect of the car, "being able to take corners at speed".

Yes, you can do this with any well-sorted car, but the experience of the Evo is unique. He stumbles when trying to figure out what else he enjoys, and ends up copping out of an answer with a simple but true "I wouldn't know! I love it all".

Elias vouches for the Evo as a strong platform from factory, which is why his goals from day 1 weren't over the top. That's not to say goals can change though, and Elias is slowly morphing the car into a build more specific to his taste.

"I've done a new custom set up and refreshed the engine bay," he relayed to us, giving us an understanding of why we couldn't shoot it towards the end of last year. Now running 310KW courtesy of a G25-660 turbo, tuned by Benny from Benchmark, Elias is satisfied, unsure if he wants more in the future but for now "happy with where I've taken this car to".

One thing you get from a chat with Elias on his Evo is how he doesn't mention any negativity for what he had when he first started. He's found enjoyment at every stage of this build, immersing himself in the Evolution experience and appreciating what he can actually focus on, the now.

Definitely notes that all of us should take away from this! We build too quickly these days, progress needs to happen immediately and we moan and complain about how this needs work, or that needs an upgrade. So long as it works, we should enjoy it!

Elias credits this approach to three close companions: cousin George and two likeminded Evo nuts in Dan and Rodney.

Let us all find friends and influences that help us stay grounded!