Jake's VAB | Rumble Life

Jake's passion for cars didn't come around the same as most enthusiast, but he has always been mechanically minded. It's rare for young Aussies to develop a passion for aircraft, but that's exactly what he did, in his own words he loved "fighter jets, or commercial airliners like the Boeing 747-800 and Russian Sukhoi SU-37".

His talent in the sport of rugby landed him a prestigious scholarship to a school in Sydney, and with a new crowd to hang out with, same a new field of mechanical passion. Jake remembers, "one day a mate of mind rocked up to school in a 2004 blob-eye WRX, and I immediately fell in love".

Jake's since developed a strong affinity to the Subaru brand (we found it strange that he doesn't vape...), and he explains his ownership of TWO generations of WRX here:

I was attracted to WRXs when I was in high school and the main aspect I liked was through the sheer designs of the cars, like my 2012 club spec is a wide body and I absolutely love the front end and rear end, However the FA20 wrx is a completely different design once again and I guess you could say it’s new flame versus old flame. I love the distinctive sound that EJs and FAs make is music to my ears.


What makes Jake's car unique to him isn't just the modifications, but the workhorse nature of SUBAWU. "160k after three years of ownership, used as a daily up and down the NSW coast while going through rough terrain", was how Jake described his ownership experience.

Too many of us modify our vehicles to look and perform a certain way, and completely forget that the vehicle is exactly that, a vehicle. It's supposed to take us places that we otherwise couldn't access and help form memories, experiences that we cherish through our lives.

Jake completely agrees, "I plan on keeping this car forever, because of the sentimental value, forget anything about the monetary value". So much so, that his next plans are pretty big steps for a high kilometre, low-age car. On his to-do list for the next 12 months includes a full kit from Carbonetics, but engine/body side he wants to focus on grabbing a new set of wheels, forging the engine and installing air suspension.

In an age of Sadboi culture, Jake's happy-go-lucky nature is refreshing, particularly in the car scene. In our group chats he cops the usual flak as a Subie owner ("how's the head gasket"), but he ends up dishing it to himself! Bringing his car out isn't for show, it's not to preen and flex on others, he simply enjoys driving and the company of others that are on the same journey as him.

Leave the ego at the door guys, be like Jake and your life with cars will grow infinitely with possibilities.


- Stock FA20 Block
- Process West Verticooler
- Process West Charge Pipe
- Mishimoto Cold Air intake (With Airbox)
- EGR Block Off Kit
- 3-inch PSI Speed Factory Turbo Back Exhaust with Quad Exit and Invidia J Pipe
- Pulse Racing Custom Stage 3 Tune
- Boomba Bypass Valve
- Grimmspeed 3-Port Boost Solenoid
- Perrin Front and Rear Shifter Bushings

- MCA Purple Coilovers
- Whiteline Front and Rear Sway Bars
- Work Emotion CR2P 18 x 9.5 + 38

- Mishimoto Weight Shift Knob (Silver)
- Illumo Interior LED Bulbs

Carbonetics VS Front Bumper
- Carbonetics VS Hood
- CT Auto Corplus V2 Redline LED Sequential headlights
- CT Auto Corona Style DRL LED Foglights
- CT Auto Carbon Fibre Weave Duckbill Spoiler
- CT Auto Carbon Fibre Trunk Cover Lip
- CT Auto License Plate LED Lights
- CT Auto V4 Taillights Black with Clear Reflector
- CT Auto Carbon Fibre Rear Window Visor
- Perrin Engine Bay Fender Shrouds Neon Yellow
- Perrin Battery Tie Down Neon Yellow
- Perrin Oil Cap Neon Yellow