Making Better Content

Moving into next year we will be focusing to deliver the best content for your needs. At Carbonetics we're obsessed with all kinds of builds, but understand that our customers and fans may have specific interests that they want to grab inspiration, motivation and information from. Before we begin, if you want to update what YOU'RE interested in, please do it here.

Based on our research and your feedback, we will be separating our content into three key components of JDM, Euro and Motorsport. What's great is that you don't just have to pick one! Own a daily Euro but keep the JDM for the weekend? You can select both preferences. Have a Golf R that sees track time? Why not select both? If you're the type that loves every type of automotive interest, select all three :)


JDM is the backbone of our business, and wherever the future takes us, it will ALWAYS be in our DNA. It's a lifestyle, the cars are part of the bigger picture of the entire Japanese way. Show, street or track, JDM has influenced so much and provides a large proportion of our product catalog.

Whether it's the traditional in the Evos and the GTRs, to the new generation of 86s and FK8s, aggressive lines is the name of the game.


European builds have dominated the scene over the past ten years and made a strong imprint into how we modify our cars. Sleek, smooth lines and an all-purpose character, get the performance without the sacrifice in usability or reliability.

The modern turbo motor has been a staple for European builds, and in line with the sleek aesthetic, the bodykits and products purchased usually complement, rather than change the existing shape.

VAG product in the latest R, GTI and RS models, along with AMGs and M cars have all been large beneficiaries of our Euro offerings, with a catalog that will continue to grow in the upcoming months.


We've built our business in vehicle cosmetics, but over the past couple years increased demand for motorsports product has seen us develop a product range that can provide results on the track.

The majority of our bodykits offer a widebody variant for better wheel clearance and cheaper replacement bits should customers get into a sticky situation, and our Sparco products have consistently sold out with each shipment.

Expect this side of our product range to grow with new partners and a motorsport program dedicated to providing for track enthusiasts of all levels!

At Carbonetics we're committed to bringing you the best content that you need, and the best way for you to experience this is by updating your profile so we know what to provide you!