Sean's Widebody Evo | It Was A Given

Creating these blogs it becomes apparent that family plays a huge influence for a lot of our customers. Petrol is definitely in the blood for so many enthusiasts, maybe we build different cars to yesteryear, but the passion, principles and approaches stay consistent from one generation to the next.

"Nice booty." - Everybody

For Sean, it's no different, recalling that his first memories were "My dad pointing out the different car and models on the street and buying car toys for me". There is something different about loving automotive things, you can't shake them off because you see them literally every day. If you played a sport and lost interest, you can literally avoid it for the rest of your life, but the moment you leave your house you will be confronted by some vehicle.

Something a little different, people automatically assume this is the VT bumper, but it's actually a CW option.

Sean's involvement in the scene really kicked off with his brother-in-law (BIL), who imported an Evo VII and took him around to Club Evo Owners meets, engaging in the modern community and what people were doing to their cars.

It's not a Hakosuka or a Kenmeri, but we're sure Sean doesn't care.

"When I was able to get my licence I had by already had a grew a liking with classic cars like the Datsun 240Z, Dodge Charger/Challenger and the old Skylines, but they were out of my budget," Sean told us after our afternoon shoot, "I purchased an E30 instead and began to mod".

The E30 kept Sean occupied during these early times, but soon his attention turned back to Lancer Evolutions, and it would be his BIL's ride that he set his eyes on."My BIL had just bought a Crown and the Evo was just sitting there, so I sold the E30 and became an Evo owner".

Subtle trunk details, people see the wing and diffuser but this MNE trunk spoiler gives a pop that ties it all together.

We all wish that attaining a childhood car was that easy, but it wasn't all smooth sailing for Sean, with the engine "running fine for a few months, but then engine went. I was upset for a little while but these things happens so I organised a rebuild".

Sam from Boostin Juice put the engine back together, and once the car was back on the road Sean turned his attention into tidying up the exterior of the vehicle. He was heavily influenced by the Americans, "Most of the Evos there are widebody so it was easy to refer back to what they have done".

We love how the rear overfenders tie into the OEM shape.

Americans have a vast array of high quality CT9As, the scene there is vibrant and their street cars are often immaculate! Sean currently has the car solely for street purposes, but having taken the car to Wakefield and spirited drives on multiple occasions, he loves how the platform that seemingly do it all. "It's only restricted by you and what you choose to do with it. You can pretty much say that about a lot of cars but Evos tend to accomplish it flawlessly in my opinion" he gushed with passion when probed on why he loves this car so much.

Sean's latest addition from us, the VS Diffuser

People might get a little annoyed at the frequency in which we feature Evolutions on our socials and blogs, but there is a reason why they're so popular with all automotive enthusiasts. You can do anything and everything, bone stock they're a great daily, while you can also encounter full-send customers and those that use the car's naturally aggressive lines for the show scene.

He swapped his CR Kiwamis for these CEs. We love the CRKs, but this is the ultimate time attack look, and we love it.

While Sean remains undecided on what to do next with his Evo, one thing is certain: the day that he decides to part with it, it will more than likely fall into the hands of a Carbonetics staff member. We're in love with this crisp, clean execution, and props to him for building something he loves!

We can drive behind Sean's Evo for days...

Sean would like to thank Sam from Boostin Juice for putting the car's powertrain back together, Shane from Top Score Customs for the bodywork and Ryan from Prestige Pro Detailing for the detail job. We would like to thank them too, for collaborating on this wonderful piece of art that we see on the roads!


- APR 2000 head studs
- Custom 3" dump pipe
- BC spring and retainers
- Tomei TI
- Hi flow cat 300cel
- Walbro 300lph pump
- Yakuza Motorsport steam pipe manifold
- Turbosmart fuel reg
- Wide band AEM x-series
- Aem oil pressure
- Tomei adjustable cam gears
- Mishimoto oil catch can
- Koyo radiator
- Denso comp coil packs
- Gt pump 712
- Heavy duty excdy clutch with npc pressure plate and flywheel
- Brand new Evo 8 short block.
- Evo 8 head
- EGR delete
- 1000cc Bosch injectors
- Grimmspeed 3 port solenoid boost
- Trust intake piping
- Plazmaman cold side intercooler piping
- Hks turbo pod filter
- Turbosmart 22psi wastegate

- DBA 4000 T3 Rotors/Dixcel Type Z Pads
- Hard racing rear diffs and drive shaft diffs
- Volk Rays CE28SL 18x10.5 +15
- Hankook RS4
- Tein SuperStreet Coilovers
- Cusco rear strut bar

- Steering wheel
- Gauge pods
- Window pillar gauge pod
- Likewise gear knob
- Carbon hand brake
- Carbon wrapped dash
- Full sound system

- CW Front Bumper
- Genuine Evo 8 hood
- Evo 9 rear bumper 
- VT Rear Fenders
- VT Front Fenders
- VS Diffuser
- VT GT Wing
- Headlights by That Headlight Guy
- MNE Trunk Spoiler
- DD Side Skirt Extensions