Sparco 2021 is Here!

Ordered late last year with the team in Italy, we're happy to announce that the early-2021 range of official Sparco has landed at our Wetherill Park warehouse!

Last year saw the transition across in seat construction materials, the introduction of QRT made the fiberglass seat industry take notice, substantial weight savings without costing an arm and a leg.

This year's seat range is once again all-QRT with the exception of the Sprint series. What do our motorsport enthusiasts have to look forward to this year with Sparco?

QRT Seats

Why do we keep banging on about QRT? How does up to 30% weight savings with a fiberglass product sound to you? That's the premise of the new technology from Sparco, allowing customers a lightweight, efficient experience without the traditional prices of high-cost items.

Short for Quick Resin Technology, less resin is needed to complete a seat mould, which in some instances gains huge weight savings. Previously, a Pro ADV came in at 12KG, but the QRT iteration shaves close to 3KG! For the casual enthusiast, this doesn't seem like much, BUT for anybody serious about their lap times, less is less.

Safety Equipment

We've listened to your feedback regarding our range of Sparco safety equipment, and ensured that the majority of competitive harnesses brought into our warehouse at HANS-compatible. 4-PT options are also available for the street-driven builds, while we've also included fire extinguishers for those needing suppression products to get racing.


Here are Carbonetics we love our accessories. Some do a lot, some don't do anything but they all have a place in our motorsport lifestyle.

This year's coolest addition is simply a Sparco Pouf, a block that is at home in the race tent as it is in your man cave. We've probably brought in more than we should've... but you can't ignore a BIG BLUE BLOCK in whatever environment you decide to place this thing.

Other bits to browse for in the Accessories section include all-weather jackets, travel bags and footwear to complete a comfortable, rewarding track day experience.

Sim Racing

Sim racing blew up in 2020, and we ended up moving our Sparco Sim Rigs before the middle of the year. This time we've brought in more, the Cockpit Evolve is one of the highest-rated sim rigs for an immersive driving experience. Compatible with the majority of wheels, it also comes with Sparco's R100 seat which makes this essentially a plug-and-play addition to what you already have!


The entire Sparco 2021 catalog can be viewed on our website now, be sure to use the filters available if you are looking for specific items. Any questions, shoot us a message and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.