Tommy's BRZ | Inspired

Tommy's blue BRZ is a staple in Sydney's automotive scene. Close with Sydney's more notable groups, it's common to see his ZN6 at meets, shows and cruises throughout the year.

It seems like Tommy's car has been the finished product since Day 1, but that couldn't be farther from the truth. The car has been through multiple iterations prior to the blue on white CLEAN combination shot by FMZ Visuals.

A Canley Heights local, Tommy's introduction to the car scene is something that a lot of Sydneysiders can relate to. Flashy paint jobs, turbo flutter and the smell of E85, the sights, sounds and smells that kicked off his involvement in the world of aftermarket modification.

What a sweet front end... WRC blue is definitely one of the best OEM options.

With family involved in building performance vehicles, it was natural for Tommy to gravitate towards the scene, "I played so much Need For Speed as a young gamer, and we watched The Fast and the Furious so many times" he remembers. Cousins and family members all had their rides, cars were a passion that is passed through the generations.

As soon as he grabbed his Learner's, it was natural for him to plan his path towards a 90s JDM icon. His parents however, had other ideas. "We had been in a massive T-bone accident, and an older vehicle was out of the question" Tommy says. Unknown to him, his dad and mum were heading to dealerships during the weekends to view 86s and BRZs. If they couldn't stop him from driving a sports car, they could control the specifics of the model and purchase the safest, modern option possible.

The VS Rear End updates the rear end completely without going completely over the top.

Tommy is forthcoming with his ride, "I was fortunate to be given a car as a present, something that so many others have to work for themselves. For me, it was important that I respected what I was given and stay responsible". The car stayed stock until he got his Provisionals, but when that happened, the starter pack mods went straight on.

"The first mods I did was an X-Force and Valenti lights" he says, his face going red as he thinks about that first decision in hindsight. He was aware, his friends around him were not saving up for parts, they were saving up for a car, so his inspirations and reference points were found through social media, most notably a build out of the States.

Tommy remembers the build vividly, "Nguyen Le's BRZ was 100% the inspiration that I wanted to follow". You can tell why, they started with the same platform, and the Varis execution was something that was later emulated on Tommy's own build.

Tommy's latest addition, white MS3 with polished lip is a winner...

The process has been one that has taken a few years, and this is reflected in how appreciative Tommy is of his vehicle. He says, "I had to pick and choose my pieces as I was on a budget. Working delivery during the day and piano tutelage most days helped me build the car to what it is today". Definitely a level-headed approach from someone who has juggled university studies (he will be doing a Masters in Music Therapy), along with his professional life, social activities and automotive passion.

So what's next for Tommy? He's straightforward in answering:

"I'm done with cosmetics, the handling has been sorted so obviously the next step is to go with more power. However, for what it's worth, I'd rather be spending my money now on other things in life that give me more. I drive the car every day and I enjoy being able to do it trouble free. The platform is so good and my parents provided the perfect first car. I'll be keeping this for a long time, so in the future we'll see what happens."

Camber maketh good fitment.

To him, the BRZ is in a good place, he doesn't have to worry about it anymore and he wants to thank someone in particular for getting his car to where it is today. Van from NextMod has been instrumental in getting Tommy comfortable with working on his own car, "I just needed someone to teach me the basics and Van was gracious enough to open up his workshop and show me the ropes". Van is an O.G. in today's fast-moving industry, and it's great to hear him giving the new generation a helping hand.

Although Tommy's car is now complete cosmetically, we'll continue to enjoy its presence at events across the city for the foreseeable future. His approach to building his car is authentic, does it really matter if you're not constantly adding new parts onto your ride? We're so consumed by "what's new" and short-term culture, that sometimes we don't look back and see how far we've come...


- K&N Cold air intake
- Mishimoto oil cooler
- Cusco oil catch can
- GFB Light Weight Pulley Kit
- E85 Tuned
- 1320 Unequal Headers
- 1320 Overpipe
- HKS Dual Res Front Pipe
- HKS Cannon Custom Single Exit Catback

Tein Flex Z Coilovers
- Whiteline Sway Bar Kit
- Hardrace Rear Upper Arms
- Hardrace Rear Toe Arms
- Hardrace Lower Control Arms
- Cusco Front Strut Brace
- Cusco Rear Strut Brace
- Cusco Front Power Brace
- DBA T3 Slotted Rotors
- Intima RS Pads
- Goodridge Braided Brake Lines
- HKS Dot 5 Fluid
- Cusco Master Brake Cylinder
- Professor MS3 18x9.5 +18

- Pioneer Headunit
- Alpine Subwoofer
- Fusion Amp

- VS Hood
- VS Lip
- VS Diffuser
- VS Rear Shrouds
- VS Front Bumper
- VS Rear Bumper
- CS Side Skirts
- Vland Headlights
- Vland Taillights (Smoked)
- Valenti Reverse Light (Smoked)
- HIC Window Visor
- HIC Rear Visor
- TRD Lip Spoiler